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Restaurants & Eating Out


  • How often do you eat out?
  • Where do you usually go when you eat out?
  • How much do you usually pay when you eat out?
  • Who do you usually go with when you eat out?
  • Do you like western food? Japanese? Thai? Italian?
  1. Can you name restaurants in this area that serve food from other countries?
    What kinds of foods do these restaurants serve?
    Have you ever eaten at any of them?
  2. Do you ever eat greasy food? Salty? Sweet? Spicy?
  3. Do you know how to order food in English?
    Have you ever done so?
    If so, was it easy to do so?
  4. Do you ever eat at McDonalds? KFC? Other fast food restaurants?
  5. What is your favorite appetizer? Main Course? Dessert?
  6. Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages when you eat out?
    If so, what do you drink?
  7. Do you know what a Caesar salad is? Buffalo wings? Nachos? Chicken fried steak?
  8. Did you enjoy eating out in other countries you have visited?
    Which country had the best food?
    Which foods did you enjoy the most?
    Did you think the cost was high or low?
  9. Do you know anyone who has owned a restaurant?
  10. Have you ever worked in a restaurant?
    If so, what kind of restaurant?
    How long did you work there?
    Did you enjoy your job?
  11. How many different types of salad dressing can you name?
    What salad dressings can you name?
  12. Do you worry about calories and fat content when you eat out?
    How about cholesterol ?
    How about insecticides and other chemicals?
  13. Would you send a dish back if it did not taste good or you received the wrong food?
  14. Do you ever leave a tip at a restaurant? How much?
  15. In what ways have people's eating habits changed nowadays?
  16. Do you think western food is too expensive? Why or why not?
  17. Have you ever had a restaurant cater a party at your house?
    If not, would you consider it?

    If so, were you happy with the service?
    Would you do it again?
    What kind of food did they serve?
  18. Who pays when you go out for dinner?
  19. What's the worst experience you ever had at a restaurant?
  20. What's the most disgusting food you ever ate in a restaurant?
  21. Do you like eating at buffets? Why or why not?
    Where was the best buffet you've ever eaten at?
    What kinds of foods were there?
  22. Have you ever eaten at an all-you-can-eat restaurant?
    Did you eat too much?
    Do you think it was a good value?
    Was the taste as good as a regular restaurant?
  23. Why do you think westerners are usually heavier than Asians?
  24. Do you ever order out from a restaurant?
    What kind of foods?
  25. Do you think this area has a good variety of foreign restaurants?
    What other kinds of restaurants would you like to see opened?
  26. Can kids eat free at any of the restaurants you go to?
    Do senior citizens get a discount?
    Are there times of the day when anyone can get a discount?
  27. Have you ever been to a restaurant with valet service?
  28. Do you like to try new restaurants, or do you prefer to go to those you have already been to? Why?
  29. Do you care what a restaurant looks like, or is the food the only thing you care about?
  30. What do you think about children crying in a restaurant when you are trying to eat?
  31. What do you think about people smoking in a restaurant when you are trying to eat?
    What would you think if you saw the cook at the restaurant smoking while he is cooking your food?
  32. Do you prefer fresh ingredients prepared by a chef as you order or do you prefer pre-cooked food?