BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение


  • What language is spoken the most in your country?
  • Do you have a second language in your country?
  • How many languages do you speak fluently?
  • Does your language have words adopted from English?
  • Is English important for an individual in your country?

1.       Why are you studying English?

2.       What language you like speaking in?

3.       What language do you least like speaking in?

4.       What's your favourite language?

5.       What's your least favourite language?

6.       What's the language the people mostly speak in these countries (native language):

a.       Brazil?

b.      Mexico?

c.       Switzerland?

d.      Australia?

e.       Canada?

7.       What's the strangest language have you ever head?

8.       Do you wish your country has another language instead of the present one?

9.       Do you have pen-friend? If yes, what languages do they speak?

10.   Think a bit...mention a language which isn't used anymore? (it begins with an ' L' )

11.   What language do the neighbouring countries of where you live speak?

12.   What would you do if you had to travel to a country where it's people don't know how to speak neither your language nor English?    

a.       What is the difference between work and a job?

b.      Do you have a job?

c.       How did you get it?

d.      Did you have to go to university to get it?

e.       What is the name of your job?

f.        Is it a popular job?

g.      Is it a job mainly for men, or for women?

h.       Did you need any special training to get your job?

                                                               i.      What type of special training did you need?

                                                             ii.      How long and where was the training?

i.         Is it an indoor, or outdoor job?

j.         Which do you think most people prefer, indoor or outdoor jobs?

k.       Does your job pay a good salary?

l.         What are the advantages and disadvantages to your job?

m.     Which do you think are some of the more demanding jobs?

                                                               i.      Which are the least demanding jobs?

n.       Which jobs are badly paid?

                                                               i.      Which jobs are over-paid?

o.      Which job are more popular than others, and why?

p.      Is your job competitive?

q.      What about promotions?

r.        Is it too competitive?

s.       How is your relationship with your co-workers?

t.        Why would I choose you instead of the 50 others wanting this position?

13.   These were submitted as possible job interview questions.

a.       What degrees do you have?

b.      How much experience do you have?

c.       Where have you worked?

d.      Why did you choose this employment?

e.       How much would you like to earn?

f.        Have you ever worked in this field?

g.      Where would you like to work? Why?

h.       Why do you find your job interesting?