Gossip and Rumors


  • Do you like to gossip?
  • Do your friends often gossip about you?
  • Why do you think people like to listen to gossip ?
  • Why do people like to gossip about the rich and famous?
  • What are the most common themes for gossip?
  1. What are some of the things you like to gossip about?
  2. What are some ways which gossip can be harmful?
  3. Do you think gossip can be used for something good?
  4. Why is it considered that women gossip more then men?
  5. Where are some places where people like to gossip?
  6. Which newspapers can be called gossip newspapers?
    • Do you like to read gossip newspapers?
    • What is your attitude to gossip newspapers?
    • Have you ever told a rumor that got someone in trouble?
    • Has someone ever spread a rumor about you?
    • Has spreading rumors ever got you in trouble?
    • Do you think that a friend who gossips or starts rumours will ever gossip or start a rumour about you?
    • How would you try to resolve the problem, if you had got into trouble through gossiping?
    • Has answering these questions changed your attitude towards gossip?
    • If you discovered that someone had been gossiping about you, would you confront them?
    • If no-one at your high school had ever gossiped, how would it have been different?
    • If you heard some harmful gossip about someone you knew, what would you do?

Source: http://iteslj.org