BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение


  • What are some gestures you know?
  • What are some good gestures in your country?
  • What are some insulting gestures in your country?
  • Can you think of some gestures that have different meanings in different countries?
  1. Has your teacher ever used a hand and/or facial gesture that was o.k. in the teacher's country but an insult in your country? If so, did you tell the teacher so it would not happen again?
  2. What are some bad gestures that you have seen in Western films but you don't know the meaning of?
  3. What are some gestures that you used when you were a child that you don't use anymore?
  4. What are some gestures that you didn't learn until you were a teenager or a young adult?
  5. What are some gestures you know that relate to the sporting world?