Fads and Trends


  • What is a fad?
  • Do you pay attention to fads?
  • What were some fads when you were in high school?
  • What were some fads when you were in college?
  • What are some fads now?
  1. Are fads the same as popular culture?
  2. What are some of the fads in your home country? Are they the same as where you are living now?
  3. Why do you think people pay attention to fads?
  4. What fad influence your life the most?
  5. What portion of the general population do you think creates or follows fads?
  6. How do fads start and who starts them? Today? In the past?
  7. What media influences how fads evolve?
  8. If you wanted to start a trend, how would you go about it?

 Source: http://iteslj.org