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Questions on earthquakes


  • Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
  • When was the last earthquake that you remember?
  • Has your house been damaged by an earthquake?
  • What preparations should you make before the earthquake hits?
  • What happens during an earthquake?
  1. Were you frightened the first time you experience an earthquake?
  2. What areas of the world have many earthquakes?
  3. What preparations should you make before the earthquake hits?
  4. What kind of injuries are caused by earthquakes?
    How do you treat these injuries?
  5. What frightens people most after an earthquake?
  6. How can you prepare for a possible earthquake?
  7. How can you deal with post traumatic stress resulting from an earthquake?
  8. Where is the best place to go during an earthquake?
  9. Is it possible to know in advance that an earthquake is coming?
  10. What kind of strange phenomenon occurred just prior to the Great Hanshin earthquake in Kobe, Japan?
  11. Is an earthquake always followed by a tsunami?
  12. What causes a tsunami after an earthquake?
  13. How do you measure earthquakes?
  14. Is your home built to withstand earthquakes?
    Where in your house would you hide if there were an earthquake?
  15. What causes aftershocks?
  16. Do you live in an area that has earthquakes?
    Are you afraid to be living in an earthquake prone place?
    Have you thought about moving?