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TOEFL Word Choice: Make or Do

PART ONE: Which Word doesn't belong

PART TWO: Put the following words in the correct column

PART THREE: Use Make or Do

PART ONE: Which Word doesn't belong


a mistake, a discovery, a plan, damage

2. DO

homework, something wrong, a suggestion, research


a difference, business, a profit, a comparison

4. DO

an assignment, your best, a choice, harm


a contribution, use of something, research, an investment

6. DO

damage, your duty, a mistake, work

PART TWO: Put the following words in the correct column


a difference


one’s duty

an offer

an investment

a prediction

an assignment

a profit

something wrong



a new office tower

a contribution

a distinction

someone a favour


a discovery

one’s best
























PART THREE: Use Make or Do to complete each sentence (use the correct form).

1. Albert Einstein ____________ many great contributions to science.

2. All full professors are expected to ____________ research and teach.

3. The employees ____________ some excellent suggestions, but the supervisor didn’t implement any of them.

4. Students were busy in the library ____________ their assignments.

5. A natural mixture of yogurt and honey can ____________ wonders for your hair.

6. The committee chair told the members that the decision regarding the purchase of the new land had to be ____________ by the end of the month.

7. All team members are expected to ____________ their best.

8. A new company specializing in building energy efficient homes ____________ a huge profit this past quarter.

9. At the end of the school year, the students ____________ plans to hold a concert in the local park.

10. If you want to ____________ business in another country, it is important to learn some of the local customs.

11. All of us have to ____________ important decisions in our lives.

12. The students were given two hours to complete the biology lab, but a few didn’t finish because they didn’t ____________ good use of their time.