A piece of jewelry vs. a concert

Which should I chose, a piece of jewelry or tickets to a concert, by using the money as a gift. After pondering the questions from several aspects, I prefer a piece of jewelry. I am affected by the following reasons:  

Because of its great value and beautiful appearance, jewelry obviously becomes a nice gift. A man likes to choose a diamond ring for the lady he loved. Mothers always receive gold earrings from their children. In this way, people express their emotions and best wish will be sent with jewelry.  

Another reason for my propensity for a piece of jewelry is that it is permanent. Unless you lost it, it will be with you forever, even notes a unusual day for you. Every time you wear it, it gives you a great pleasure. The ticket stub cannot bring all of those to you.  

How about you look like with or without a piece of jewelry such as earrings, rings. The answer is obvious. And people will always tell you what a beauty you are by wearing the jewelry. With a good wish to be beautiful, more and more people like to wear jewelry.  

From all we discussed above, we can see a piece of jewelry is the best choice. It is a permanent adorning, and a great gift. Tickets to a concert can never give all the happiness and pleasures we can get from it.