What would you change about your hometown?

If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology. 

In my opinion, a modern library in my hometown can provide a good environment for the local people to study and upgrade themselves. There are a lot of newspapers, magazines and reference books for their use. They can know what happened around the world and keep up with the fast-pace of today`s world. "Knowledge is strength". Knowledge can guide us to overcome problems we face in our daily life. 

To popularize the use of broadband cable system at homes enables people to get a quick access to the Internet and TV channels. Because of the Internet, our lives have been changed a lot. We can read news, shopping, chat with our friends, send pictures to anyone and watch the movies online. People can also have a lot of choices over TV programs offered through a broadband. A pay-per-view system provides different types of movie for you to choose from. People will have more choices to enjoy life and the advanced technology at home. 

Besides learning and entertaining, we also need to do exercises to keep a healthy life. This is the reason why I want to build a modern gym in my hometown. Through exercises such as swimming, jogging, playing tennis, people can enhance their immune systems and enjoy life fully. Furthermore, people can develop positive attitudes towards life by doing exercises. This is really important.  In summary, I want my hometown to be a city equipped with a modern library, an advanced broadband system and a modern gym. I would people in my hometown have advanced knowledge, use advanced technology and home and lead a healthy life.