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Best friend

All along I've been waiting for a person.
Whom I can always rely on.
A person I can count on.
And who could always be understanding and trustworthy.

I'm praying to Him above,
That maybe someday I'll be granted one.
He or she might be the one.
Who could love me for what I am.

I need a dear friend who could listen to me,
To laugh and cry with in good times and sorrow.
I especially need a friend
Who could take me for who I am.

I once had a friend
Though we never went well.
Even before I thought she was the best
But problems come often our way.

I thank dear God
For giving me him/her,
For he/she is always there to guide
And always have time to listen to me.

I like him/her a lot
For I could really rely on him/her
for he or she

Takes time to listen, takes me and loves me.

I would never forget him/her
As long as I live
I will treasure the special moments we had
Forever . . .

by: Theresa Acain