Product Presentation

Multiple-choice Comprehension Questions

  • The 'Open Sky' has been developed by:

a. a team of aerodynamic experts
b. Formula One drivers
c. NASA engineers

  • How many hours has the 'Open Sky' been tested and driven?

a. more than 2,000
b. more than 20,000
c. more than 200,000

  • How many years have they spent developing the 'Open Sky'?

a. two
b. five
c. three

  • When was the first convertible introduced?

a. 1912
b. 1922
c. 1956

  • What was the name of the company's first convertible?

a. 'Southern Europe'
b. 'Vento'
c. 'Sole'

  • How many years was the 'Vento' manufactured?

a. ten
b. fifteen
c. twenty

  • When was the 'Roadster' introduced?

a. in 1976
b. in 1995
c. in 1986

  • How long have they manufactured convertibles?

a. more than 25 years
b. more than 40 years
c. more than 45 years

  • How many 'Open Skies' have been ordered in the first three months?

a. 2,000
b. 20,000
c. 200,000

  • Which accessory is NOT included on all models?

a. GPS
b. airbags
c. four-wheel drive