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Grammar - Level C Test 90

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Their walking-tour through Lapland never came ________.

A. on
B. off
C. out
D. round

2. They promised to write ________ we never heard from them again.

A. but
B. except
C. although
D. because

3. She gets very angry with her son because he seems to be incapable ________ keeping his room tidy.

A. of
B. at
C. to
D. with

4. I admit I suffer from a ________ of patience with such people.

A. shortage
B. lack
C. emptiness
D. limit

5. She applied for training as a pilot, but they turned her ________ because of her poor eyesight.

A. back
B. up
C. over
D. down

6. He pretended that he agreed with me to avoid ________ my feelings.

A. hurting
B. to hurt
C. hurt
D. having hurt

7. The children threw snowballs at ________ on their way to school.

A. themselves
B. another
C. each other
D. their own

8. Caring for her younger brother is a ________ burden for her, but she never complains.

A. sour
B. bitter
C. large
D. heavy

9. For a long time after the accident, he suffered from constant ________ in his back.

A. hurt
B. ache
C. pain
D. injury

10. Naturally I'm ________ that I didn't pass the examination but I'll do better next time.

A. deceived
B. despaired
C. disappointed
D. disillusioned

11. The government ________ increase taxes soon.

A. may
B. need
C. ought
D. dare

12. Archaeology is one of the most interesting scientific ________.

A. divisions
B. disciplines
C. matters
D. compartments

13. The drawing lessons usually start ________ 4 p.m.

A. with
B. on
C. in
D. at

14. The left wing of the party propers ________ the right wing seems to be losing ground.

A. until
B. whether
C. unless
D. while

15. The new factory ________ next week by the Prime Minister.

A. will open
B. will be opening
C. will have opened
D. will be opened

16. In about a week Tom ________ his summer holiday.

A. start
B. started
C. will start
D. has started

17. Be careful! Here's a wasps' nest. Don't ________ it.

A. interfere
B. disturb
C. blast
D. thrill

18. The driver had to ________ quickly when the child stepped into the road.

A. pull down
B. pull out
C. pull up
D. pull back

19. Although he hasn't said anything he ________ to be upset about it.

A. acts
B. shows
C. behaves
D. seems

20. I must tell you about my ________ when I first arrived in London.

A. incidents
B. happenings
C. experiences
D. events