Yeu Anh Van 2.0


Image Do you give money to registered charities? (e.g. Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Green Peace)

Can you name some other registered charities?

Do you think having large charity organizations is a good idea? Why or why not?

What are some of the good points?

What are some of the bad points?

1)       Do you think that locally run charity organizations are more effective?

2)       Are there any charities in (your town/city)?

a)       How about in (your country)?

b)      What are they?

3)       Do you give money to beggars or homeless people? Why or why not?

a)       If you give money to beggars or homeless people, about how much do you give?

4)       How do you know if a beggar is a real beggar?

5)       Do you think beggars should work in gangs or on their own? Would you offer a beggar any job you had to be done at home?Would you offer a beggar a job to help yo around you house?

6)       Would you rather give money to beggars or buskers? (Buskers are people who entertain you on the street for money, e.g. musicians)

7)       Would you rather give money to beggars who have a disability, older beggars, beggars with babies or child beggars? Why?

8)       Do you think it's acceptable for children to work late at night selling flowers and singing?

a)       Do you think these children need to be out doing this, or are they just earning extra money?

b)      What do you think will happen to these children in the future? Do they have a future?

9)       Do you think there should be more help for beggars, homeless and poor people in (your town/city)? How about in (your country)?

10)   Do you think (your town/city) should make a place for beggars and homeless people to go, like a homeless shelter?

a)       Do you think it would reduce the amount of beggars and homeless people on the street?

b)      Do you think it would encourage people to be lazy?

c)       What are some reasons that these people would not want to use such a shelter?

11)   If (your town/city) was to have a homeless shelter, who should run this place?

a)       Who should pay for this place?

b)      Should anybody be allowed to go to this place?

12)   Do you think the government should give money to homeless people?

a)       How about jobless people?

b)      If you think the government should give money, about how much money do you think should be given?