Yeu Anh Van 2.0



  • Have you ever seen a celebrity in person? What did you do?
  • Which celebrity would you like to meet? What would you do if you could spend a day with this person?
  • Do you think famous people have the right to have a private life?
  • Do you think it's moral to sell your private life to the media?
  • Do you approve of people who become famous as a consequence of appearing again and again in the media and not because of having an artistic career?
  1. What do you think of the papparazzi?
  2. Why do you think there is such a high demand for gossip magazines and gossip TV programs?
  3. What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?
  4. What do you think of fans and fan-clubs ?
  5. Did you have any heroes when you were a teenager?
  6. Why do you think adolescents need to have heroes?
  7. Do you think being a celebrity automatically means the person is intelligent?
  8. Do you think that there are times when the common man has an edge over a celebrity?
  9. If you could influence people like a celebrity does, how would you use it for the benefit of the planet?
  10. Which celebrity do you most admire and why ?
  11. Would you like to be famous ? Why or why not ?
  12. Do you think there is a relationship between beauty and celebrity ?
  13. Can you name some famous people?
  14. Do you know someone famous?
  15. Would you like to be famous? Why?
  16. Are famous people happy?