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Nếu các bạn không xem được truyện ngụ ngôn bằng Flash thì có thể các bạn chưa cài phần mềm chạy Flash (click vào để download).

Flash Fables 8

ImageIn this collection of six interseting and exciting stories, you will meet a story which tells us about the examination of intelligence as follows: there were two foxes, an old fox and a young one, in this story. The young fox wanted to grow the crops but didn’t know how to grow them! One day, he asked the old fox about this. After finishing hearing what the young fox said, the old fox completely agreed but gave three questions to him to know if this baby fox was intelligent or not. If he answered correct, the old fox would teach him how to grow the crops. Do you know what three questions are? Whether the little fox’s dream came true or not? Read the story “The Little Fox’s Examination” for details.     


Flash Fables 7


Have you ever wondered whether there are big differences and similarities between the mice in the country and the mice in the town? Or what relationship between the horse, cow, dog and human is it? Read the story “Country Mouse and Town Mouse” and “The Horse, Cow, Dog and Human“for details. Also, four other interesting and exciting stories are waiting for you for enjoyment!



Flash Fables 5

ImageAs you know, most of the tortoises always are very slow and most of the hares often are very very fast. But in the story “The Toitorse and the Hare,” the toitorse won the hare. How did the toitorse do to win the hare? Which lesson we can achieve from this story? And “The Toitorse and the Hare” is only one of 6 good and exciting stories in this collection. Go on and enjoy them now!



Flash Fables 6


This collection has many very good stories. The first story will tell us about a baby chick which was sleeping with its mother. Suddenly, there was a great wind which blew the little chick very far from its mommy. So this poor chick lost its way to get home. Do you know what happened to the baby chick after that? Read the story “The Lost Baby Chick” to have an exact answer!      



Flash Fables 4

Flash Fables Stories 4Do you think most of crows are clever and smart or not? In the story “The thirsty Crow”, there is a crow which is very very thirsty. He sees a pot of water but it is almost empty and what would he do to to drink water in it? Or in the story “A Monkey and a Turtle”, there is a competition between a monkey and a turtle. But do you wonder what this competition is and who will win whom? Now, only 1 click to see all.