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Flash Fairy tales

Flash Fairy Tales 6

Flash Fairy Tales Stories 6Do you know where New Year Greetings comes from? The story “New Year Greetings” will provide you with some valueable knowledge about this. This collection consists of six flash stories (New Year Greetings, Abra Cadabra and the tooth Witch, Bad for Them Good for Me, Block the Sun Not the Fun, Boy Soup, The Best Excuse) with some interesting and exciting information which is very helpful for you in daily life. Press “read more” to enjoy some valueable knowledge!

Flash Fairy Tales 7

Image“Once upon a time, there was a little girl with golden hair, named Goldilocks. One day, she lost her way and walked into the forest…”  Can you guess what happened to her? Did she meet a ghost, a fierce witch, a helpful strong and handsome man, or something else… if you want to know, press “read more” for details.



Flash Fairy Tales 8

ImageDo you know what word the Chinese often hang on the wall or the door when New Year comes, and what that word stands for? When was this custom born? And some interesting information is waiting for you to discover in the story “Happiness Has Arrived” and many many other good stories. With only one click, you can watch the world of fairy tale stories!  


Flash Fairy Tales 9

ImageThe collection of Flash Fairy Tales Stories 9, which includes six unique flash stories, helps you understand the lively world of fairy tale stories more clearly. The story “The Frog Prince” goes on that, “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who met an ugly frog (but this ugly frog was a handsome young prince). The wicked witch had put a spell on him. Only did the princess turn an ugly frog into a handsome and strong guy…” Do you know what the princess did to help the prince become an ordinary person? Why don’t we read this story to have an exact answer!   

Flash Fairy Tales 10


Have you ever read a fairy tale story told by music? When you watch the story “The Princess”, you will feel its soft and beautiful melodies. Also in this collection, there is a story which tells you about a king and a queen who just gave birth to a nice little prince. One day, suddenly, there was a wicked cook in the palace who intended to steal the little prince. Do you know what happened to the little prince? If you would like to know his destiny in the story "The Pink Flower", press “read more” for details!