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Business English - Sales Terminology

Sales Terminology

Julian: I'm new to this job, could you explain some of the terminology?
Jack: That's what I'm here for. Shoot.

Julian: What's the difference between retail and wholesale?
Jack: Wholesale is to distributors. Retail to consumers.

Julian: Distributors? Consumers?
Jack: Distributors are stores that sell our merchandise. Consumers are the people who buy the products.

Julian: Oh, I see. What's a bill of lading?
Jack: The bill of lading lists the merchandise shipped. It's included with every shipment or delivery.

Julian: I get what pre-paid means. That means the merchandise has been paid for. But, what's C.O.D.?
Jack: Cash on delivery.

Julian: What does that mean?
Jack: Exactly what it says: cash is paid upon receiving the goods. Of course, it could be a credit card or a check, as well.

Julian: Oh, I understand. What's a delivery fee?
Jack: The delivery fee is an extra charge that the customer pays to have the goods delivered.

Julian: I think I'm beginning to understand now.

Key Vocabulary

bill of lading
COD - Cash on Delivery
to receive goods

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide