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Business English - WebVisions Conference

WebVisions Conference

Robert: I'm going to Portland on Thursday. There's a internet expo on. It's called WebVisions.
Alice: What is the schedule like?

Robert: As soon as I arrive, the keynote speech begins.
Alice: ... and after that?

Robert: When the keynote ends, we'll have two hours to check out the booths.
Alice: Are you making any presentations?

Robert: No, I'm just attending this conference.
Alice: Is Tad Wilson presenting?

Robert: No, but he's giving a workshop on Monday.
Alice: When are you coming back?

Robert: I'm flying back on Saturday morning.
Alice: Remember you are meeting with Trevor on Monday morning at nine o'clock sharp!

Robert:Oh, thanks! I forgot about that ...
Alice: Have a good trip!

Key Vocabulary

keynote speech
to check something out
to attend
at X o'clock sharp

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide